A little bit about us

Welcome to Hurricane & Harbour, mate! Avast ye! Our crew is dedicated to dreaming and creating. Feel free to take a look around. We specialize in branding and design.

It all started with one kid’s dream to see his band leave a mark in the music scene. Teaming up with a second creative mind, they began developing branding, designing tees, coding MySpaces and pushing the limits of band merch–can you say branded band-shirt wearing teddy bears? Today, Hurricane & Harbour exists to promote and provide branding for established companies, young entrepreneurs and bands, but it doesn’t stop there.

* Contact us today and we can get started on creating a branding or product that’s so fresh, you’ll swear we had a time machine toaster that cooked it up in the future. And yes, we do know Doc and Marty *

Why We Love What We Do

It’s quite simple, really.  Branding and design lets us enter into a world where imagination takes flight.  It allows us to dream and think new and crazy ideas that inspire and engage our community.

We also love working with people.  At the heart of our company, we desire to connect with our community.  We recognize that your identity as a business, band or organization is very important to you.  Brainstorming and bouncing ideas back and forth with our clients is one of our favourite things to do.   Through this interaction, we are able to get a full sense of your mandate and objectives, which we transform into a brand that will speak to your clientele and draw people in.

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"It was fantastic working with the team at Hurricane & Harbour! They truly bring a fresh and innovative perspective to branding and design."

− Communications Officer, Niagara Sea Cadets