Welcome To The New Harbour!

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The new Hurricane & Harbour has hit Canada.  Spread the word!  Rock out!  Hit us up and we can start on designs for you ASAP.  Things have been picking up pretty quickly and we are stoked to be in the design scene and to meet you.

Big Gulps, eh?  Welp, see ya later!

<3 F. Morgan.

Video Game Inspired / Pixel Art Tees

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I am not gonna lie, I would be so stoked to design a video game inspired tee, or logo, or ANYTHING for that matter.  If you know any companies or bands who would be on board, hit us up, ‘cuz we have some ideas that would blow the overalls right off of Mario.

Lambs Become Lions Tees

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So stoked right now to be working on some designs with Lambs Become Lions, a sick folk-pop band from this area.  It’s a somewhat cartoonish style, but with an edge to it.  A fierce edge.  You can look for it at SCENE.

We will be releasing some sneak peeks soon, so stay tuned.



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